WebTV-intervju i Helsinki

Det ble gjort et lite intervju med meg i etterkant av foredraget jeg holdt i Helsinki under Nordisk ministerråds konferanse «The Future Library» 14. oktober 2011.


The Presidency of the Nordic Council of Ministers rotates annually between the five Scandinavian countries. Finland holds the Presidency for 2011 and as part of its agenda, the Ministry of Education and Culture organized an expert seminar in partnership with the Helsinki City Library. Public library authorities, library managers and other actors in the field participated in discussing the theme “The Future Library”. The participants came from all around the Nordic region as well as the Baltic countries and Russia.

Petter von Krogh from Buskerud County Library was involved in a project to map out the library network in an innovative way that produced useful and, at times, surprising results.

More info: http://lukterdetframtid.org/

Reporter: Harri Annala
Filming and editing: Tuomas Lipponen
Date of filming: 14.10.2011


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